"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

October 17, 2007

It's confirmed!

Just got the email this morning from Tim at Jack Mountain Bushcraft! I am confirmed for the Bushcraft course with Mors Kochanski! I booked the time of work, promised myself that I would get a bunch of stuff done around the house for my wife before I go (when she is happy.... we are happy.... Gentlemen, you know what I am saying?) I made adjustments on Google maps to figure out the best route. Click here if you want to see it. Not much for liking the "Cut through Montreal" route that was first suggested. (Sorry Mungo!) The route adds a bit of time but its less kilometers. Should be an interesting drive.

Started working on my kit list. Not sure if I should treat it like a Base Camp and add a few extra comforts, or just focus on my Bushcraft kit and only take the things I want to use or test. Hrmmmm,.... decisions, decisions..... Then again, I am one of those people that could spend days on end, playing around with my kit. Trying this and that and spending hours just working it through in my head, packing and un-packing. I am probably the only person that has those tendancies huh?

Ok so on to the list. So far I know I am taking:


  • Hennessy Hammock (that's right people! I have the original Hennessy! Been a hammock camper for about 10 years now)
    Still like sleeping on the ground when the time/conditions are right but with a Hennessy I can move sideways and lay darn near flat!

  • -7c Sleeping bag - I have been reading a couple of the bushcraft blogs out there and I have been seeing more and more comments about how wool blankets are more versitile. I couldn't agree more but I need to play around with them a bit to get myself the right bedroll. I always have a few in the back of the car just in case anyways.

  • Gortex Bivvy sack - always handy if I decide to ground it and the weather is wet. Plus it increase the bag rating by about 10 degrees so I have been told. (thats celsius)

  • Blue foam pad - actually I got myself a 'manly' green one that is a smidge thicker.

  • 3/4 length Therma-rest - have not used this in a while... might just take it in case.

  • MEC Scout Tarp - its a bit heavier that the more expensive Sil-Tarp I have but I just seem to like setting this one up more.
  • Extra rope and cordage etc.
  • Army Half-tent/Poncho - I have had this since I was a teenager. I got it at a Surplus store I worked at for a short time in Kitchener. Though a bit heavy I can button it up over me and the pack when its raining or set it up with a couple of sticks to make a half tent shelter. It is handy and rugged enough to not get a hole in it from laying it on the ground. I usually end up laying this over me when I do winter camping in my teepee to keep the sparks off the nylon..... I hate sparks! It looks like half of this:

Well gotta get back to life.

Thanks for reading,

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