"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

October 15, 2007

Excitement isn't the word for it!

From my last post I asked anyone reading if they knew of Bushcraft courses or groups in Ontario that were available. Well no one made a comment on anything going on in 'Ontario' (kind of sad that there isn't much!)

BUT! Mongo did drop me a comment and put me on to the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School website.

They have some great courses and they are located in New Hampshire. Well yes.... its not Ontario.... and yes it's about a 10 hour drive to get there.... but.... A chance to learn Bushcraft and Outdoor Survival with Mors Kochanski? Hell Yeah!.... ehem...... sorry. Got a little carried away there.

I contacted Tim Smith, M.Ed.Founder And Owner Of Jack Mountain Bushcraft & Guide Service by email, asking if there was any places left in the "Bushcraft and Survival with Mors Kochanski" (basic and advanced). Well guess who got the last spot on both courses! (insert embarassing dance of joy!)

Look out New Hampshire! Here comes Decado! Oh wait..... that means I need to pack! Oh-oh.... better start now.... I only have 3 weeks! Gotta' go!

Thanks for reading,


  1. You lucky guy - I hope you pass all your new knowledge on to those of us stuck in Europe!
    Enjoy the courses.

  2. Oh trust me.... I am taking a camera and a big pad of paper and at least half a dozen pencils! Hrmm.... wonder if I will be able to hide a video camera in one of the trees without getting caught!?

    Anyway, I am sure Mungo and I will enjoy ourselves and be able to give everyone an update on how it went!