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October 12, 2007

Canadian Bushcraft Question

Ok. I know I am a bit new to this blogging thing. And I know I have only been studying Bushcraft specifically, (backpacking, ultra-light teaching, and wilderness survival experience not included) for a short time now, so I apologize if this is a dumb question.

Are there any good schools in Ontario specifically that teach, train, or otherwise employ Bushcrafters?

I have found dozens in the UK, a few in the US, and even a couple out in Western Canada, but nothing in Ontario.

Being personally trained by Ray or Mors would be amazing but barring that, it would be nice to have a group of people (like the bushcraft bloggers I have met) that you could meet in person and do a trip or 2 with...

Is there anything out there? Am I missing something?

Your feedback would be appreciated! Seriously!


  1. Hey,

    If you are able to take Nov 3 and 4th off, and are able to register for the Bushcraft and Survival Course with Mors Kochanski at www.jackmtn.com, then that would be a great opportunity for you! $250 US, which is actually $248 Cdn - not bad price. I'm going - sent my forms off yesterday...

    Just a thought!


    Mungo Says Bah

  2. Sounds amazing. How are you getting there? Is Jack Mountain's address where the course is? Thats a 10 hour drive isnt it?

    Would even love to try the Winter course too.

  3. Yes, a long drive for sure. e-mail me - mungobah [at] gmail.com for details!