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October 15, 2008

Leaves are changed... time to build a winter shelter - Part 3.

Just wanted to post some more pictures of the Winter Shelter. I have the cover on it now and it should be pretty secure. There are always little things that still need to be done but I wanted you to see it so far.
Overall View: Front still needs clear plastic door and tarp tied down.
Back corner:
North Side:
South Side with Attactive Super Model for Display:
Inside: Blue is such a calming colour.
Inside - Nice deep cold well: Lots of room to walk.

Roof: Mylar blankets used to reflect radiant heat back on sleeper.
So I have finished the door and set up a bench to sit in front of the fire. I have also finished the cooking area and made soup from the pot hanger. I will post the rest of the pictures in a day or so. I am expecting a friend to be coming for the weekend and it will be great to sleep in it. Should be fun!
Thanks, Decado.
**Side Note: After having seen the earlier pictures, my younger brother proceeded to inform me that my new shelter would not be standing come spring! He stated that the poorly designed slope of the roof and weak construction would hold too much snow and that he was quite sure it would fall down. Then he instructed me on how to bind the structure to give it more stability (much like they do with barns). Although his advice was sound, I felt a bit defensive about his approach to all my hard work. He also insisted that if he is correct this spring, I should post something in my blog telling everyone that, and I quote, "My Brother was RIGHT!" He He. Well, little brother... I will take that challenge! We will see what spring brings! **

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  1. As you already know, I won't be there this weekend. The shelter looks good though and I'm looking forward to the time when I can finally make the trek out there to check it out in person.

    P.S. Tell your brother :-P !