"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

May 11, 2008

Decado bought the farm......

Ok. Maybe I should have rethought that title.

To put it into context: I really did buy a farm! No I did not 'kick the bucket' though you would not know it from my lack of posting lately. My family and I are leaving the city! Will be hours away from Toronto and ... well.... living outside a small town on a 71 acre farm. Lots of room for the kids to grow and the vegetables too! Over half the property is mature woods: birch, poplar, many pines and hardwoods! A bushcrafters dream! Think of it! Walk 100 feet off the back porch and WHAM! you are in the bush! and beyond that? More bush! And beyond that? ... uh... a road I think.... don't know. Haven't been that far yet.

Life has been nothing if not interesting over the past couple of months. We expect to be moving in July if everything goes well. Once there I will be setting up my business and sneaking into the woods when the wife is not looking.

Will let you know how it plays out. I Plan to post some pictures and put together some shelters first chance I get. Will let you know.



  1. Ooohhhhhhhh.

    That is all that I can say at the moment.


  2. Fantastic. What a step. Good luck with your venture.
    Pablo's Woodlife

  3. Won't somebody think of the readers!
    Decado I know you must be busy but how about just a little short post to let us know how you're getting on?
    We miss you!!

  4. Congrats on the purchase. You probably have enough room to house a dog team or two now and beat the high price of gas!

  5. ...how about a couple of mules too? Decado, we demand answers. And photos...