"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

February 27, 2008

Sort of like bushcraft...

So. Been busy of late, trying to define a new direction in my life. Looking at going back to school for a bit.... re-focusing my career direction so to speak. Getting better connected with my kids. Trying to make my wife's life more available to her to pursue things that have been on the back-burner for her since child-birth. Even went out to do a little bushcraft/winter survival practice in the woods. (it rained of course)

Then last night just before dinner it hit me! I should do something bushcrafty! But what? Then it hit me again! This time I asked it to stop so I could continue my thought.

Turns out with Mungo's post about fish.... I remembered the lake trout I had in the freezer that I caught last summer. Well what is more bushcrafty than cooking up something you caught with your bare hands? (bare hands and a fishing pole that is) But if I was to do this right I would have to do it as bushcrafty as possible!

First I went out into the backyard and started gathering fuel for a fire. Then I realized that I did not have a fire permit and my neighbors would probably be calling the fire department before I even had the fish near the fire. Well.... I could use the BBQ. That is kind of bushcrafty.... right?

Then I went to get my cook set so that I could get this fish a' cooking! Then I realized that all my cookset stuff was either sitting in storage or still out in my car packed and dirty from the trip I did a couple weekends ago! And its such a long walk out to the car in the cold.... hrmmm. Well... I could use tin-foil! That is kind of bushcrafty.... right?

Before I could begin to cook this delicious morsel, it would need garnishes and seasonings! Then I realized that I live in Canada and that there will probably still be snow on the ground until late June! Hence the lack of fresh plant life for harvesting. Well.... I could use some salt and things from my wife's well-stocked spice drawer! That is kind of bushcrafty.... right?

As the fish is cooking away in a somewhat bushcrafty way, and I work on putting together my family's supper (kids are under 6 years and won't touch the fish even if it had batter around it) . I wait in anticipation. I look forward to eating this meal with my hand-carved fork. But I have not had a chance to finish it yet. Oh! What about my hand-carved spoon! Oh wait, I have not treated it yet. It's not done either. Well maybe I could just be all tough and manly and just eat it with my fingers.... he he.... YEAH.... oh wait. If I do that the dog will not leave me or my fingers alone for the whole night. Well I suppose I could use some chop-sticks! They are made of wood, right? That is kind of bushcrafty.... right?

Well, the fish tasted great! I loved it!

*SIGH* When the hell is spring going to be here anyway?



  1. Very bushcrafty indeed! You utilized resources that were most efficiently available to you. Sort of like when you go to McDonald's - one orders a Big Mac, rather than looking for roots or the inside of bark to eat, out in the parking lot by the fence, next to the pile of earth. It just makes sense.

    Delicious lookin' fish there though... mmmmmm.....



  2. Lake trout sounds good. I hear about spring. We just got another foot of snow, brining us over ten feet for the year. And I'm supposed to be getting our new land ready to run courses on this month. I'm thinking about using a giant fresnel lens to melt some snow in order to get busy.

    Glad to hear you're back at it.

  3. Glad to see you back. Love this post. Hope all goes well.