"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

February 5, 2008

Down but not out...

Greetings all! Life in general has turned upside down over the last month or two. I have had to take a short(?) break from the blogging world for a number of reasons. They are as follows:

1 - Walked away from my job just before Christmas. It was not good. Lets just say there are some people that should never work for some other people. For me.... I just could not take it any more.

2 - I quit smoking. It has been over a month now and I swear I am still in some kind of twilight zone. Things just have not been normal.

3 - Now that I have been home more, I have had more time with the kids. My wife has decided that many of the tools I purchased over the last year for my 'walking stick' company work very well when used to renovate bathrooms and hallways. So my time has been a bit occupied with domestic activities.

There is the whole aspect of my "need to make a career change", but I will not bore you with the details..... I am sure all of you readers out there are happy and comfortable with your place in life as well...

Anyway. I have done a couple more over-niters in the bush over the last while mostly to take time to slow down and think of life stuff. Jeff and I have another trip planned for the middle of this month and I am looking forward to it. Now that I have tested a couple of things that I learned with Mors, I will be doing some equipment changes for the next trip.

Looking forward to getting back into regular posts again soon.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Thanks for being here...



  1. So does this mean we'll see www.decadowalkingsticks.com soon? :-)



  2. Might be a nice idea but already had wildernesscompanion.ca for a bit..... but never had time to get the site up and running. such is the life I suppose.