"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

November 8, 2007

Thanks for the amazing time...

I will be posting some information about the fantastic time I had at Jack Mountain Bushcraft in New Hampshire with Mors Kochanski over the next couple of days but I just wanted to drop a post now to say thanks to everyone.

First of all I wanted to thank Tim Smith and his family from Jack Mountain Bushcraft for being an incredibly generous host while I was there. Tim made everyone feel right at home and was always available when you needed something. Tim's particular brand of 'social humor' while coupled with his professionalism, made him one of the easiest people to work with that I have ever met. The school facilities were great and the resources that any student had access to was brilliant. A chance to test out one of Mors styled "super shelter" for a couple of nights made it all the better! Thanks Tim!

To say that Mors Kochanski is a good instructor is like saying Canada has a few people living in it! Mors 'down-to-earth' nature (no pun intended) vast wealth of knowledge was if nothing else.... inspiring! His easy manner ,and talent as a speaker, made it an incredible experience and his saying "The more you know, the less you carry" really came to life during his training. I have learned so much in the short time I was there. He is an inspiring person to be with and his stories and humor will be something I will remember for the rest of my life! Thank you Mors!

I had the pleasure of driving down to the site with Mungo on the friday. Although the drive was long and at some times mildly frustrating, Mungo was a great companion, and his enthusiasm made the trip that much easier. Thanks Mungo! Looking forward many more trips with you in the future.

To Shawn, thanks for hanging with the wierd Canadian, it was great. To Frank, thanks for all the taping you did and the conversations we had (not to mention the paracord!). And to all the other students that I had a chance to speak with, thanks to each of you and best of luck in the future!

My time over the 4 days was more than I could have expected and I will remember it for a long long time!

Thanks again to everyone!

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  1. And thanks to the moose which we ate in a stew...

    Glad to hear you made it back in one piece sir...


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