"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

October 22, 2007

Teepees, Tipee, Tei... oh you know what I mean...

Have a lot of stuff to post and little time to do it but I thought I would post these pictures from last January 2007 that I took on a over-nighter I did with a friend to try out the teepee.

This was our first attempt at using a parachute. The last one we built, we used 'blue tarps' and there was sooooo much smoke that we should have hung fish inside... the fish would have been done by morning.

Based on more information I got from the internet and Mors Kochanski's Bushcraft book, we created an inner wall this time and left the bottom of the parachute up off the ground. The plastic did not handle much abuse but we managed to get it to stay up and block out the wind coming from below.

The inner walls worked fantastic! The smoke stayed near the top of the teepee and the draft from the inner walls helped us to feel the heat of the fire.

As you can see by this photo, we made a bit of a mistake in sizing the space of the poles. We wanted to make sure we had enough room for both of us to sleep.

The door way was bigger than we hoped so we had to improvise.

Although it did not look very traditional, it really did the trick and made it easy to get in and out for those late nite washroom breaks.

Here are a few more pictures to give you an idea...

Wow... I can actually see the top!

Plenty of wood for the nite.

More stuff to come...

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  1. That's a cool looking tent - I keep looking for an adequate amount of natural material - I'm thinking cotton bed sheets!

  2. Good quality ones at that!

    I was lucky to get this parachute at such a good deal. Still have lots of things to try with it...

    You might say I am actually looking forward to the snow...