"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

March 26, 2009

Where's Decado?

Hey... Remember me?

Yes I know. I have been a bad blogger. Funny thing is I have come to realize over the past couple of months that, sadly, I am not a very good blogger. No, no. Don't deny it! I can handle the truth. Ask anyone that knows me. I can talk your ear off, but when it comes time to putting things down on paper (electric that is) I fall short.

I read a book recently and one of the characters said, "when you don't know what to do, do what you do know." I am sure there is an enire conversation on that topic, but the way I took it is this: If I feel that I am not very good at doing this blog thing like everyone else, do it the way I think I should do it. Still with me? More on that to come...

Truth be told, I have not had much time to do anything in the way of bushcrafting. One thing I realized is that when you live in the 'burbs, you find yourself longing for the woods. When you live in the woods... well...... life is busy and the woods will be there tomorrow. Sad really.

Since my wife is so much better at putting our stuggles to paper I will let you read her version of current times here.

Until things become more organized,



  1. I thought you were dead!
    Long time pal - lets not leave it so long

  2. Decado,

    Sometimes you just have to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as the case may be, and write about something!

    As my friend The Suburban Bushwacker would say, "Even if it's what is grow out of the cracks of the sidewalk, write about it."

    You should consider joining the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. It is an outdoor bloggers group that helps new and established bloggers with all sorts of blogging issues. We also do guest post on outdoor politics, outdoor issues, the environment, basically anything to do with the outdoors. Some of us fish, others bowhunt, camp, whitewater canoe, and some are Falconers or Hawkers. It would be great if you joined! You would be surprised how much we learn from each others!

    Albert A Rasch
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
    Proud Member of Outdoor Bloggers Summit