"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

December 12, 2008

Bushcrafting in the background...

Have not had time to do much in the way of bushcrafting of late. Things have been busy on the farm trying to settle into a routine of feed the animals, water the animals, collect eggs, feed the animals, check the animals, keep the furnace going, try to bring in an income, water the animals again, have a serious talk with Oscar the goat about his excessive bad manners and improper use of the horns, feed the.... well, you get the idea.

The snow has been up and down for the last week or so getting cold and then warming up to melt and then freezing again, and again. Snow has stuck to the trees again and everything looks nice and white.

Decided to blow off some steam today and go for a short walk out to the shelters. Wanted to make sure everything is still standing and I knew I would need to clear out the snow that is piling up in front of the doors. Took a shovel with me and off I went.

Started looking around and noticed tracks around the shelter and down the trail into the woods. At first I thought they were my wife's tracks walking the dog. Then I got a closer look. Seems that there is a animal highway that I built my shelter right in the middle of for the local fauna. I found fox, deer, rabbit and squirrel tracks. The surprise I got was that unless I am mistaken and there are some REALLY BIG deer out there, we had a moose walking through the property. Now that might not be too surprising but to me the footprints were huge! I thought I was looking at tracks I had made from a while back until I saw the two toes. I would love to had seen it. The locals are saying that this area hasn't had any moose around until recently.

Hope I don't find one sleeping in my shelter! I just got everything the way I liked it... :)

When I get a chance I will run out and take pictures of the Super Shelter and Debris hut all covered in snow and post them for you to see.

Until then...

Thanks, Decado.


  1. Do donkeys lay eggs? Which eggs specifically are you collecting? Maybe you'll find some moose eggs.




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