"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

November 19, 2008

Bushcraft Bucksaw Belt

During the last garage clean up, I found some belting hardware that I had been saving, hidden amongst the piles of bushcraft do-it-yourself gear.

I decided that I needed to put together the bucksaw belt and possibles pouch for cruising around the property.

What is the Bucksaw belt you ask? OK. You might not be asking but lets pretend you did!

The belt is created with 2 layers of material sewn/glued together in order to store a bucksaw blade inside. I got the idea from some of Mors Kochanski's teachings. Since I made a bushcraft bucksaw during my course with Mors and Jack Mountain Bushcraft School on an earlier post, I thought it would be a good idea to put the belt together too!

So here goes:

I had some nylon belting that fit perfectly with the plastic belt buckle. I would have liked to use leather for this project but I wanted to try it out to see if I liked it first. The leather will come later in time. So I folded the belting in half and measured it to myself making sure that I could adjust the buckle depending on the clothing I was wearing. No point in making it if I can't use it as a belt for my pants or over all my winter clothing too! Once I had it set I threw it down on the sewing maching and stitched the edges together leaving an opening at one end.

Taking a 24" saw blade I connected some cord and a couple key rings to one end. The cord is just to pull the blade out of the belt but the key rings are to hold the ends of the sawblade on the bucksaw when it is made.

I took some scrap cardboard to make it easier to slide the saw into the belt.

Put the entire thing together and here is what you have:

I had expected the blade to stick out and bother me, even with so flexible of material. Turns out once it was on I did not notice it at all. I have been wearing it for the last couple of weeks and although I would like to make it with more traditional materials and make it look nicer, it works, and that is the main thing. Right?

Should be posting my possibles pouch and belt setup in a day or so.

Thanks, Decado.


  1. That's a great idea. Cheers. Pablo.

  2. thats a nice one man.
    i own one too,made from two old leather belts and its sure handy when you can carry full size saw blade with you pretty easy and make a proper buck saw especially at winter time when the axe chopping will make you sweat easier and then u get cold before the logs for shelter or/and fire are even ready.