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October 17, 2008

Giant Heron... or is that a Crane doing bushcraft?

Now that we have moved out of the city and are living in the wild... (some of our friends think so anyway..) we have not had a shortage of the wildlife. We have had a bear, raccoons (digging up the lawn), a couple skunks, deer by the dozen, some foxes, bluejays taking advantage of my wife's generosity, vast numbers of every other type of bird, squirrels by the millions, an otter (wife was the only one to see that) and one very large heron that has taken up residence in our ponds by the house.

Today I found him (or her) sitting in our chair of all places! I guess even the wildlife around here likes to make themselves comfortable!

Here are some pictures I got before it flew away. Sorry about the quality. He's the one standing on the chair.

The hungry fellow has been eating well since he moved in. The kids are always finding crayfish and frog parts on the shore of the ponds.

Maybe I should start charging him room and board?



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