"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

September 3, 2008

Wood, Work, and Weekend...

To say I have been a bit busy is an understatement. But I am sure we all are.

Looks like we have settled in. Been working on getting a proper wood supply for the winter. Our house has an outdoor wood boiler that keeps us toasty all winter long. That is the plan anyway. So in order to do that we need to get wood. I can tell you that getting wood together for a winter is a lot different than collecting it for a weekend camp.

Speaking of weekend camps... This weekend is my yearly backpacking trip up to Algonquin. I have decided that this years theme is Fishin' and Food! Will be out for 4 whole days so it should be fun. I have been starting fires with flint and steel and sparker during the evenings out in the woods. I have started a Mors' "Super Shelter" for my winter lodging, and been working on setting up fire circles in my off time. For this years trip I have decided to lug a little extra weight and carry a white gas stove and bring the backpacker oven for baking. The plan is to eat well, fish alot, and try out some more bushcraft projects. Should be a blast!

As for work... I got a small contract setting up a website for someone in town, but I still have a lot of marketing stuff to do to get my new company seen and known in the area. Then I still have to finish setting up the wood shop to start making and carving walking sticks again. Not to mention my plans for wood solar lights. And then of course there is the Bushcraft school I want to start getting off the ground.... he he .... ok so we are settled into the house but there is still a whack load of stuff that needs to be done! Good thing the kids go back to school today!



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