"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

December 7, 2007

Still alive.... just busy... Maybe a little too busy...

Not to worry. I am still here. Posts have been a bit thin lately. Sorry. (We all say that, don't we?)

Did the Survival practice last weekend with a friend. Spent 24 hours in the bush working on my clothing system and building a "Super Shelter" based on Mors Kochanski's designs and teachings. It went well all things considered. Got some things accomplished that I wanted to try and learned a few other things, which is what the weekend was all about!

Got some good pictures and finished my log of the night's experiences. Will be posting that this weekend when I have a minute.

Here is one thing I really wanted to mention now (since the boss isn't looking over my shoulder at the moment):

This may be common knowledge to most of you and I have heard this before but getting a little more hands-on experience in the matter has really clarified it for me. Mors Kochanski made mention a few times during the Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival course I took at Jack Mountain Bushcraft School in New Hampshire. He said that one of the things you try to reserve when in a survival situation is.... well... Effort! (or your energy as the case may be). What he meant was think about what you are doing, like building a shelter, and try to use the least amount of effort to achieve the objective. An example of this is: if you are placing logs across each other to make the base of your shelter, one option is to chop a groove out of one log to make it fit nicely on top of the other. The other is to use a small amount of cordage to tie the two logs together using a "Jam" knot. Using the cordage took a lot less time and energy to make the logs stay together.

Ok sorry for the long explanation but here it is in a nut-shell: There is a direct relationship between "Effort" and "Equipment". Forgetting about the need to carry everything for a moment, the more stuff you have with you, the less effort required to do a job. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but think it through based on your own experiences in the bush. We all know you can learn the skills and practice making cordage, but if you end up out in the wilderness and the resources just aren't there or the time of the year makes it difficult, then what do you do? Isn't just easier to bring a spool of cord with you? Why build a debris hut and spend a couple of hours gathering enough materials to make your shelter water proof when all you need to do is bring a tarp or tent fly?

Ok... Ok.... you can stop shaking your head in sadness thinking that I have turned to the dark-side and will be throwing a 60 pound pack on my back the next time I am out! Sheeeesh! Been there, done that! I guess what I am trying to say is.....well.... actually what I am trying to say is just what I said!

I have done a lot of reading on the web about peoples "Bushcraft Kit". There are many similarities. Fire, Shelter, Cooking, sleeping. Last weekends camp was meant to go off into the woods without a sleeping bag, or blankets etc. and get the one thing that is most important when you are trying to live in the bush. Sleep, and sleep comfortably. Hrrmmm... Maybe my point is this: You know Mors' saying, "The more you know, the less you carry". I guess my addendum to that is:

"The more you know, the less you carry, the more effort is required!"

I have seen some amazing stuff being done by other bloggers and bushcrafters, but I never really realized how much effort it truly takes to get out there with nothing but your clothes, a knife, and a fire-steel. Our fore-fathers did it..... but can you? Can you make everything from the resources around you and still get a good nights sleep? Only you can answer that. (great! now I am preaching... sorry)
I know I could survive. Could I live? Well.... we'll see.
***Public Notice *****
Please be advised that the preceding comments were merely the observations and opinions of the writer, and were in no way meant to sound: pompous, arrogant, demeaning, or should otherwise be taken as a "Mr. Know-it-all" attitude. The writer simply wanted to share. Go on.... be nice..... give the guy a hug and some honest feedback! He would like that. No. Really! He wants you to express yourself! Share with him! Thank you.
(P.S. - Ok no more attempts at posting on a friday afternoon after a week from hell at work! I promise..... Decado.)

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  1. Good post with a lot of logic. I still seperate bushcraft - a hobby making things in the bush from survival, the art of not dying.