"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

October 29, 2007

Wood Stoves and Jerky and Puppies. Oh my!

You know. Since I started doing this whole blog thing about my passion that is Bushcraft, I have developed a theory.

The theory is such: The moment you decide to be a blogger you begin to feel an obligation to post relevant information to all those blog readers out there about that which is the theme of your blog (if you have one). Once you take that step, the path is clear, the horizon is infinity and your joy is boundless! And then the "Hundred little gods" in the world throw every possible distraction they can find at you. From household needs to new additions, to work related drudge, to the ever popular "Dad! Will you play cars with me PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!"


Don't you people know I have a blog to write!?! And not just any blog but a Bushcraft Blog!?!
This is why you will always find at least a couple of posts in the history of a blog's life where you can read the words "Sorry", and "Haven't posted in a while" and my personal favorite, "Been a bit busy lately..." Oh well. Life is like that isn't it?

Ok. Onwards and upwards as they say:

Guess who just got a puppy! Yeah. I know. Like I don't have enough on my plate with a full time job, 2 part time contracts, 2 kids, a wife (a beautiful one at that!), a morgage and the bushcraft affliction as Pablo stated... But think of the future faithful companion and cool hiking buddy! Right Mungo? Sorry. Not a Beagle but an Australian Sheppard. Wonder if my wife is trying to tell me she wants someone a bit smarter around the house she can work with... (or actually see once in a while) Pictures of the cute toe-biter to come.

Got my stove (basically) finished friday nite. Will be posting pictures and an explaination when I get back from the Mors Kochanski Course next weekend at Jack Mountain Bushcraft in New Hampshire. I had started looking at my kit last week. You know.... when it was nice a warm and sunny out? And the evenings were cool and comfortable? Yeah. Suggestion: Don't pack for a camp in November when its still nice out in October! Part of the brain kept thinking it was going to be nice and warm out.... HA! After waking up Sunday to see roofs and cars covered in frost! Time to re-think my kit and find the long underwear! I wanted to post my bushcraft kit list here but... review above theory. Will have to do that when I get back from the course. Actually might be good to post the list with comments on what I actually needed and used! You know what they say about "hindsight"?

One other thing I managed to get done this weekend was.. BEEF JERKY! Man I love my beef jerky. I have never really like the packaged stuff. Mostly because I find them over seasoned and you never really know if the flavor is because the meat is starting to go bad (which was commonly done in the medeval times) or that they don't want anyone to find out where the meat actually came from! Since I prefer to "DIY" it, and making it myself makes it alot cheaper, I decided to make up a batch of what I call "Cooking Jerky". It's lightly seasoned with garlic, lemon juice, soya sauce and garlic. (No. that is not a typo) I will be putting a post up with pictures and a couple of idea/trick that I use soon.

Well, I better get back to that "Life" thing.

Thanks for reading,


  1. DIY, Mrs SBW, DIY, kids, Yah-de-yah-De-Yah.
    Oh to sit by a fire on the bank of a stream, with the smell of roasting meat and write some really good posts for the blog. Ahhhh a bushwacker can dream....................

    PS is mungo's knife great or what?

  2. you forgot faithful well-trained pooch at your side.... but I get ya!

    and yeah the Mungo knife is awesome!